February 2015
Great article in the Washington Post "In politics a great e-mail list still trumps a buzzy social media account. And it's not close."
Alan Rosenblatt, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy has an interesting post: "As communication & social tech changes, many old notions about the world have to change with them."
November 2014
Congratulations to 4 of our clients who celebrated victories on Tuesday - Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Pat Roberts, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and Congressman-elect John Moolenaar!

October 2014
A POLITICO analysis of mobile sites for about 40 competitive House and Senate races found that a majority were plagued with missed opportunities for campaigns trying to find volunteers, donors and voters. The no-nos range from clunky pages that frequently crashed or weren’t formatted properly to content that was just too tiny to read.
In the eyes of publishers, email subscribers are caught in an awkward position. On the one hand, many media outlets work extremely hard to gain new subscribers and keep existing ones happy, to the point where subscriber counts are often one of the top metrics used to determine the success of these initiatives. Publishers want to keep hold of those subscribers as long as possible. Think of it this way – the One Ring is to Gollum as newsletter subscribers are to media outlets.
Your Facebook profile doesn’t have boxes to check which political party you belong to or whether you voted in the last election. But political organizations who already know that can now deliver Facebook ads to fit your political preferences.
February 2012
Learn more about this new list available for direct mail and telemarketing rentals: 572,000+ donors and 1.54 million Activists...